I’ve accumulated too many digital assets, especially games

I just did an inventory of how many games I own digitally. This is just for PC:

  • 1210 games in Steam
  • 388 games in Amazon Prime Gaming
  • 315 games in Epic
  • 110 games in GOG
  • 36 games in Legacy
  • 10 in Ubisoft
  • 5 in Battle.NET

Beyond that maybe 200 on Xbox on various platforms (not including PC Game Pass which I’ve cancelled as of April 11th) it’s just too hard to figure out.

I paid for maybe 100-150 of these and maybe another 300 in bundles. The rest I have no idea.

Oh speaking of bundles, I have some “packs” I bought for charity for some war or some cause, and that’s maybe another 500-1000 in those, I’m afraid to look or count.


So, I think I have a problem. And I never play them anymore, except an occasional Xbox Game Pass game, and that’s rare. In fact, the vast majority of them are unplayed. I also haven’t paid for Game Pass for years, and that is running out April 11th, so I’m letting that lapse.

Mp3s/music, don’t get me started there.

I’m sure there are a few dozen movies and shows in various services that have been purchased digitally.

Anyway, just rambling, not sure what to do here. I feel like just deleting all the accounts.

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