About Kurt Koller

What is Kurt Koller (Internet Version)?

Hi, thanks for asking. Well, *I* am Kurt Koller (Internet Version).

If you’re not sure that I’m the correct Kurt Koller, here’s a visual aid:


I work primarily as a software consultant and developer. I create software systems and sometimes I build and manage teams to build them.

I write code and I write words. If there’s a screen, I’ll write something for it.

I also have always liked still photography, and recently have been really enjoying working on video/film.

Whatever, I like a lot of things.

And this? This thing that you’re looking at? This is my website. And it contains my blog. Everyone needs a blog, and therefore on July 1st, 2014, I have created this blog.

What is this blatherblog about?

This blog is about what all blogs are about: branding. I will be using this blog to build my personal brand! I will write things in the hope that they go “viral” because I want great word of mouth which will build my brand! I will be writing things that can be consumed in a few minutes that people will want to share with all their friends. Some content categories I will be trying to hit:

  • funny!
  • cool!
  • slightly controversial!
  • slightly self-promotional!

How can YOU help?

Thanks for asking! YOU can help ME build MY BRAND by sharing my blog posts on your social network pages and your other web pages. Or mail them around! Or text them! If you’re a “journalist” of some kind, you can help me even more by building a loose bit of editorial around one of my posts and posting it on a website that you work for. It’s ok if you don’t get paid by the organization running the website (because YOU’RE building YOUR brand after all), you can post my thing on your thing and we will BOTH benefit. Make sure to write a clever headline!

Where else can I see Kurt Koller things?

Places to find me:

Other, less serious places to find me:

Thanks for stopping by!


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