The Santa Monica Storm of 2014

Today I was sitting at my desk when suddenly a friend of mine sent me a message on Skype. It was about some kind of storm in some other part of the world. (New Jersey) What do I care, we don’t have to worry about storms here, right? So I went to my trusty browser and took a look at the weather. Uhoh:



I was instantly on edge. Rain? Here? What? And that green bar isn’t all light green. Nothing on the radar now, but maybe I’ll check back just in case.



Oh god oh god oh god oh god. Just look at that huge storm coming our way. As it got closer, I decided I had to take action. When the storm was a mere 1 minute away, I decided to brave it and go outside into the maelstrom with my trusty video camera and document it. It might be my last day on earth, I though, and then out I went. Here is what I came back with. 

Something was amiss. What happened? Can’t we trust the weather forecast anymore?? What is this crazy world we live in where you can’t even rely on a weather forecast?! Then, just as I was posting this video to YouTube, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

WARNING: Some viewers may find this content disturbing:

I’m sure we’ll be cleaning up for a while after that one. Frankly we’re all lucky to be alive. Please, be careful out there. And keep your pets safe, they rely on you.


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