Ponyo reviewed by my 6 year old son

The movie Ponyo had some scary parts. Ponyo and the boy Sōsuke basically get married at the end of the movie. Sometimes it has some harsh parts and fantasy violence. It had lots of fantasy stuff about the ocean and that part was sort of violent. And that explains the waves turning into giant fish that Ponyo was running on.

It was weird when Ponyo started out as a tiny goldfish, went to a bigger fish, turned into a human, and then Ponyo started changing back into a human/fish and then at the end she was a tiny gold fish again, and then turned back into a human. Some of it was sort of crazy, like when the giant waves were going up like a water volcano.

Overall, I think it was a good movie. I will watch it again when it comes out on DVD. The scary parts maybe won’t be as scary on the TV compared to the theater screen. It was sort of cute and at the same time really weird.



Image: Minimalistic Ponyo Wallpaper

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