Idea: My Mother The Car

Idea: a sort-of Knight Rider update feature that goes back to the source material (as I perceive it), My Mother The Car.


I see the mother as voiced by Debi Derryberry, and maybe she’s a convertible 80s Mercedes R107 SL. Or if she should be an American car, and something still in business, she could be a Buick Regal. The T-Type, or if we want something with a little more edge, the Regal Grand National, but I prefer the Mercedes and I think that would play better internationally.

The original series had Jerry Van Dyke in the lead, but since this would be an action comedy, we need someone a little different.

Jerry Van Dyke with his mom, the car

The ideal lead here would be someone that can be funny and can also do some action, so my pick here is Armie Hammer because his already does shit like the Lone Ranger and the Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Armie Hammer would play the lead

The story would be that Armie’s an accountant or something boring like that, and when it turns out the used car he buys is really mom, he finds out that she¬†was an agent of some Long-Kiss-Goodnight-style secret government program. Now that she’s back as a car she wants revenge on the people in the organization that ended up killing her, and through a crazy mother/son adventure, they do just that!

My Mother the Car S01E01




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